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Ann can take up cases only where there is a DIRECT EU angle, oherwise please contact your own MP.

Examples of where Ann can intervene would be difficulties with a government department of another EU country, farm payment delays, fishing issues etc. Ann's office has been quite ingenious about locating obscure EU directives to give an excuse for intervention but otherwise domestic matters really are a matter for Westminster or local councils.


If you want to raise specific Brexit Party issues then please contact Ann on [email protected]

Any matters relating to other aspects of Ann’s activities eg speaking engagements, TV programmes or her books MUST be left on her main website at

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Cornish fishermen have been hit by an EU directive demanding changes to the size of mesh used in their nets.

The new specifications mean that squid will slip through and the squid catch fall significantly.

Several fishermen told me it could make a difference of as much as 40% of their income.

Click to read the Cornwall Live Story covering Ann's recent visit to Newyln to meet local fishermen.


Gibraltar held its national day on September 10th and Ann officially attended as it is part of her constituency.

While there, Ann spoke to concerned persons about post-Brexit use of the Spanish border.

She was so impressed by the Gibraltar government’s can-do attitude that she wrote about it in her weekly Express column which you can read by clicking below...


Ann was particularly pleased to be in Gibraltar again as her parents were stationed there before the war and her late brother was born there in 1937. His stillborn twin is buried in the grounds of the former Military Hospital. She last visited to speak at the Gibunco literary festival before she became an MEP.

Ann in Brussels & Strasbourg

Ann is regularly attending Brussels and Strasbourg European Parliament sessions.

She made her maiden speech in July which you can watch by clicking above but was not allotted speaking time in September.

She is a member of the Libe Committee which looks after civil liberties, migration and justice. She has spoken in the committee on the importance of free speech and in the hearing of Commissioners. Ann is still getting used to being limited to one minute of speaking time!

Click the images above to watch her recently speaking.


This site is funded by the EU and must be used only for matters relating to the EU or the South West and Gibraltar.

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